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At the Tip of Your Fingers

Relationship Assistance from the Gottman Institute

Dr. John and Judy Gottman are pioneers in relationship and couples therapy. Their institute provides many great resources for couples and their blog is constantly updated with new information and insights to help you develop the relationship you deserve.

Gottman Institute Home Page

Relationships Blog

Therapy with Focus on Diversity Issues

Therapy Den is a great place to find local resources including psychologists in your area, but is different from others in that they focus heavily on diversity issues, supporting the LGBQ and Trans community, and other minority groups.

Therapy Den Home Page

Therapy Den Mental Health Blog

Local Psychology Listings from

If you're new to an area or have never researched therapists in your area, is the best resource. It is well organized and allows you to search for therapist based on specialty of their practice and location. You'll find me here as well!

GoodTherapy Website Home Page 

Anxiety Resources Available Online

If you would like to learn more about general anxiety issues, social anxiety problems, panic and obsessive-compulsive disorders, please check our Especially be sure to visit their articles page to gain insight and information from leading experts. Home Page Articles

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